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An Exciting Program
For The New Sailing School Vessel Ranger

The historic Continental Navy Ship Ranger commanded by John Paul Jones during the American War of Independence – the first ship to have the ‘Stars and Stripes’ saluted by a foreign nation and the first to engage and capture a Royal Navy ship in British waters, is the model for the new school ship. With Ranger, John Paul Jones “…gave our Navy its earliest traditions of heroism and victory.” By linking our nation’s past with the need to protect it for the future, Palm Beach Maritime Foundation is uniquely positioned to inspire individuals to take responsibility and become better stewards of our glorious maritime history and education of our youth.


Building the Ship
Be a part of this historical project. Keep track of the design and construction.
Current Stage
Design Drawings
The replica Continental Navy Sloop-of-War Ranger will be built as a public demonstration of wooden shipbuilding at the Palm Beach Maritime Museum.
Ranger News How To Participate Proposed Building Site
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Join Us
There are many ways to be a part of the Ranger Project. Donating, sponsoring or assisting with construction are just a few of the ways you can help.
Construction will take place in Currie Park in downtown West Palm Beach.

Contact us in Palm Beach, Florida, to learn more about our ranger school ship project.